Graciela Valdes

Graciela Valdes

Graciela Valdes fine art Photography encompasses two distinct worlds all in the hands of just one talented woman, whose two individual focuses are boudoir and family photography. Through boudoir she encapsulates the authenticity and beauty of a woman comfortable in her own skin. Through family photography she is able to capture the warmth behind a child’s smile and a father’s laugh.


Graciela Valdes is a fine art photographer, specializing in boudoir and family photography in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.



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Prior to DB Collective doing work for Graciela, there were two separate websites showcasing her work, one for family and one for boudoir, that right there was a problem. All of her work was not accurately displayed on just one website. New clients and customers interested in her work had to visit two separate websites to view entirely what she did, this could have easily affected the flow of business.


DB Collective was able to design and construct a website which beautifully and effectively showcases her photography while also creating a distinction between the two types of photography she focuses on, this here was the solution.


Resulting in success, the new website effectively showcases her work and provides a solid platform for Graciela to continue building her business while successfully bringing in new business since the launch of the new website.